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Salina Limited Company L.T.D.

Salina Limited Company

General Manager / CEO
Telephone : +971 6 743 4488
Mobile : +971 50 646 6502
Email :

Global Company Address

Country : United Arab Emirates
City : Ajman
PO Box : 45542
Area : 123
Building : Suntech Buildings
Room : 2051

Map Address

Location: New Ajman Industrial Area, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Main Products: Salina Spray Plaster, Spray Rush,Floor Screed, Gypsum Plaster, Mortar Non-Shrink Grout, Sali Stick, SalinaTile Glue, Salina Tile Grout, Salina Chemical, Salina Plastic, Salina INK, Salina Decor & Design
Total Employees: 200-250
Year Established: 1993
Certifications: Trading Industry, First Class Quality Awards, UAE Number 1 Quality Certificate
Email 1:
Email 2:
Telephone : +971 6 743 4488
Mobile : +971 54 411 6418

salina frontSalina Group is a multinational company that performs construction services with headquarters in United Arab Emirates. Salina Group has built its reputation as a leading builder in diverse and numerous market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large and complex projects and finishing them professionally and flawlessly. Salina is known for embracing emerging technologies,s creating innovative approaches, and making a difference for its clients, employees, and community.

We have an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the world of construction due to our long and rich history. Salina Group is continuously seeking ways to improve its performance and abilities. With Salina Building Contracting as your contractor, you will be amazed by our work and our enthusiasm. Offering a comprehensive range of construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system that matches our clients by their needs, goals, and budgets.

Salina Group commitment to perfection adds value to your project and helps ensures its success. Salina also provides services before the construction process starts in order to tailor all your needs into the building process. Salina Group acts as a key member on many recent public and private partnership projects in the Middle East. Reflecting its broad scope, Salina’s clients including leading firms in the commercial, institutional, retail, industrial, and multi-tenant residential industries while also building for mining, water, energy, sewage, and civil sectors.

We create long-term relationships with our clients by serving their needs and by delivering on our promises. We strongly believe that each project must be completed in time and within budget while also delivered in top quality. Our reputation for delivering the highest level of service in the industry is constant and is a critical element in our success.